guarantee is there in your work?
The guarantee is 5 years plus, we use high quality fittings, hinges, drawer runners etc that will give years of use.  Appliances and manufactured goods have the normal time from the manufacturers.

How are your wardrobes made?
Because of size wardrobes are made in the workshop, taken to customers house, constructed and fitted. Drawer units and cupboards are made complete in the workshop, and fitted on site

What internal fitments can I have?
Generally whatever you require, short hanging, long hanging, double hanging, completely shelved, or a mixture.  Everything as far as is practical to your requirements

How long will my kitchen be out of action?
We pride ourselves in causing the minimum amount of disruption to the customer. Generally a kitchen will be tackled in two stages, leaving one half of the kitchen operational while the other is completed, leaving the customer with water and work surfaces majority of the time, water and services are always back on in the evening.

How long will the job take to complete?
Bathrooms and kitchens take time to complete properly depending on the complexity of the job, generally allow 3 to 4 weeks. Bedrooms generally about 3 days

Will we still be able to use the bathroom?
Yes we try our best to remove the bath and fit new the same day, same with the basin and toilet.

Can the doors be made any size?
Yes the wardrobe and kitchen doors can be made to any height and any width.

Do you do the complete job, tiling, electrical, plumbing?
Yes the complete job undertaken.

Do your wardrobes have backs?
Yes all cupboards have full backs, which give a dust free and strong construction.

Do you charge VAT?
No I am not VAT registered.

Do you have a team of fitters?
No the complete job completed by the same person.

Do you smoke?
No I do not smoke nor do any of colleagues that work with me on occasions.

We have sloping ceilings and odd size walls, do your wardrobes fit this?
All our cupboards are bespoke, they are made exactly to your requirements, all angles fit the ceiling, walls etc.  They fit tight to walls and ceilings with no large filler panels and no visible gaps.

Can you re-fit the main bedroom door to open the other side, this would give us more space?
Yes all woodworking, re-fitting doors, skirting, architraves etc.

Do you take old wardrobes, bathroom etc away?
Yes, all rubbish associated with the job is removed from site and the area left tidy.

Do you supply and fit new doors to original cupboards?
If the cupboards or frames are of good quality and the construction sound, we would try our best to accommodate the customers requests and fit new doors.  We would of course advise you if this was not possible.

We have electrical sockets in the way, is that a problem?
No, we undertake electrical work, and can move them to somewhere more practical.

Do you supply all goods, oven etc?
Yes we can, although some customers may want to re-use existing appliances if they are relatively new.  We can supply all goods and guidance when choosing.

We need a wall removed to make the room bigger?
No Problem, we undertake all woodworking, removing of existing, construction of new, re-plastering of walls.

Do you have sliding door systems?
Rarely, we find smaller opening doors on 170 degree hinges a better option.

Do you undertake decorating as well?
Yes decorating the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom during installation happens often, customers like to get the whole job completed in one go.

Do you draw plans?
Not a scaled plan, a sketch when we come to visit or you can show us a sketch of what you had in mind.  A more detailed plan is drawn up for construction purposes in the workshop.
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